RE salutes the Frankfurt Conference of the New Democratic Youth (YDG)

Red revolutionary salutations to the Frankfurt Conference of the New Democratic Youth, from Revolutionary Unity (NL).

The world is in crisis. It is imperative that proletarian youth around the world come together to consolidate themselves and strategize on how to most effectively fight against the evils of capitalist-imperialism. The Frankfurt Conference is an important step forward for the New Democratic Youth, and thus for revolutionary proletarian youth around the world, to organize successful struggle against the global oppressors. The themes of migration, digitalism, and the struggles of oppressed genders and oppressed sexuality people, are all rooted in the same exploitative ruling system, and have become increasingly essential issues for those genuinely invested in revolutionary social transformation.

Revolutionary Unity, an anti-capitalist, anti-imperialist, proletarian feminist youth formation based in the imperialist Netherlands, looks with great inspiration to the New Democratic Youth and to the many youth masses who, in the spirit of Ibrahim Kaypakkaya, are conducting themselves as selfless revolutionaries in Turkey and Kurdistan, and especially now in Afrin and Rojava. The proletarian youth are the future, and they pave the way for the world proletariat in realizing its historic mission. Revolutionary Unity will join your struggles, as you will join ours, and we will struggle side by side, until victory. Long live!

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