Greetings to our comrades of Revolutionary Unity!

The Palestinian Youth Organization (PYO) of Lebanon salutes the formation of your new organization, struggling in the Netherlands, in colonial Europe, for our collective liberation. We send our warmest greetings and wishes of solidarity.

As Palestinian refugees in Lebanon, we confront the crimes of Zionism and imperialism, of capitalism and reaction, of sectarianism and oppression on a daily basis. We have been struggling for 68 years to return to our land, to liberate our land from the ravages of Zionist colonialism.

And as we struggle for our return and liberation, we know that we march in one revolutionary front with the oppressed peoples of the world, with the anti-imperialist, anti-colonialist, anti-capitalist fighters at an international level who share in our collective struggle for liberation and socialism.

You are coming into being at a time when fascist, racist and imperialist forces in Europe pose an ever greater threat to oppressed peoples, withour your countries and within our countries – and you are leading the way in confronting those forces and exposing them before the people, presenting a true and revolutionary alternative.

Together, we will achieve victory, and together, we will grasp our liberation.

For a liberated Palestine and a liberated world!

Palestinian Youth Organization (PYO)


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