Warm, militant greetings from the Philippines!

We, from the National Office of Anakbayan, would like to extend our deepest solidarity to the progressive mass movement of the Dutch for the advancement of true freedom and democracy. With this said, it is but only fitting that our comprehensive youth organization struggling for national democracy with a socialist perspective, throw our overwhelming support behind the formation of a new mass organization there in the Netherlands.

It has come to our understanding that the “Revolutionary Unity” aims to rally against the evils that have come to beset the working and popular classes in your part of the world: global capitalism, imperialism, and the oppressive structures which permit the existence of patriarchy. You can expect nothing but admiration from us due to your invaluable contribution and initiative.

We hope that our alliance under the flag of the International League of People’s Struggles (ILPS) enable more of your people to be in solidarity with our fight against the semi-colonial, semi-feudal system which come to hinder our progress towards national industrialization and genuine agrarian reform here in our land.

A better world is possible!
Long live international solidarity!
Long live the revolution!
Long live the Revolutionary Unity!

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