Dear comrades of the National Democratic Front of the Philippines,

To the struggling Filipino people, the martyrs and their families, the political prisoners and all Filipino’s living in exile, to the comrades of the Communist Party of the Philippines, the fighters of the New People’s Army and all members of the revolutionary mass organizations of the National Democratic Front…

As Revolutionaire Eenheid, we wish to congratulate you with the 50th anniversary of the NDF that marks half a century of revolutionary united front struggle in the Philippines. We salute all the member organizations of the NDF, the Communist Party, the New People’s Army and the revolutionary mass organizations. Your steadfastness in the struggle has led the struggle of millions of exploited and oppressed workers and farmers for true national and social liberation.

We reaffirm our commitment to support the national democratic struggle in the Philippines. As Revolutionaire Eenheid, we see it as one of the key tasks for communists in the imperialist countries to join your struggle, not only as a principle of proletarian internationalism, but as part of our own struggle of building a revolutionary movement in the Netherlands. We are happy to join the anniversary celebration in the Netherlands and vow to continue struggling alongside the Filipino people and their true representative: the NDF.

As we are celebrating the victories and successes of the national democratic movement, we also salute those who made these successes possible by giving their life. We salute Jose Maria Sison, Ka Joma, the late co-founder of the CPP and NDF, and chief political consultant of the NDF Peace Negotiation Panel, who passed away last December here in Utrecht. We salute Ka Oris, leader of the New People’s Army murdered in 2021 by the fascists while fighting for the cause of national and social liberation. We salute Benito Tiamzon (Ka Laan), Chairperson of the CPP Executive Committee, Wilma Austria-Tiamzon (Ka Bagong-tao), Secretary General of the CPP, and the eight cadre fighters who were abducted, tortured and murdered last August. We salute Ka Fidel, Ka Randall, Ka Reynaldo, Ka Chen, Ka Parts, Ka Chad and all martyrs, comrades and red fighters who died in the liberation struggle.

Words fall short to describe the commitment, strength and love these comrades had for the people. We deeply appreciate the privilege of having met these comrades during their life, and we vow to continue their struggle until the total liberation of the Philippines from imperialism, feudalism and bureaucrat capitalism.


Long live the memory and struggle of Jose Maria Sison, Ka Joma, founder of the CPP and NDF!

Long live Ka Oris, Ka Laan and Ka Bagong-tao, leaders of the revolutionary movement!

Long live proletarian internationalism!

Victory to the Filipino people’s struggle for national and social liberation!

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