Join us on 2 February in Nieuwland, Amsterdam for a solidarity evening with our friend Mustapha Awad, Belgian-Palestinian political prisoner in Israel. We will be joined by the Free Mustapha Committee from Belgium. They will speak about Mustapha’s person, his legal case and how we can contribute to the campaign to free Mustapha and all Palestinian political prisoners.

There will also be presentations about political prisoners in Europe/the Netherlands. European states are stretching the boundaries of the judicial system, criminalizing activism. Long time immigration activist Joke Kaviaar has been senenced to 2,5 months in prison. The state deems her writings against the repressive immigration ‘service’ as sedition. And Peike, a Dutch youth activist, was imprisoned in Germany for participating in the G20 protests. He will hear his final verdict on Monday 21 January.

After the presentations and discussion, we will write letters to Mustapha and other prisoners, and collect money for their legal costs.

18:00 – Vegan dinner (donation based)
19:00 – Presentation and Q&A Free Mustapha Committee
19:45 – Presentation and discussion about European/Dutch political prisoners
20:30 – Letter writing

Who is Mustapha Awad?

Mustapha Awad, 36, has been imprisoned by the Israeli occupation since 19 July 2018. A Belgian citizen of Palestinian descent, born in Ain el-Helweh camp in Lebanon, he is a well-known defender of Palestinian human rights, a metal worker and the founder of Raj’een dabkeh troupe in Brussels, which has performed across Belgium and throughout Europe. He was seized by Israeli occupation armed forces when he attempted to visit Palestine for the first time in his life. After Mustapha’s arrest at the Jordanian-Palestinian border, he was interrogated for nearly a month, sometimes under severe pressure and reportedly up to 20 hours a day.

On 28 November, Mustapha was sentenced by an Israeli court to one year in prison. Like the vast majority of so-called “security” or political cases in Israeli courts (military or “civil”) against Palestinians, the case concluded in a plea agreement. Mustapha was accused of “membership in an illegal organization,” allegedly the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine. Mustapha’s case may well be used in the future to arrest and sentence more Palestinians trying to visit their homeland. It is therefore important that we raise our voices for Mustapha and all the other political prisoners!

2 February 2019
Nieuwland, Amsterdam
Pieter Nieuwlandstraat 93-95

More info
Free Mustapha Committee

Free Peike

Steungroep 13 September, Joke Kaviaar

On the 26th of February Steungroep 13 September are organizing an information meeting about Joke Kaviaar in Nieuwland! Make sure to be there if you want the latest updates on her case. For more info meetings, check

Make sure to check out all other events at Nieuwland, a great social space in Amsterdam

This event is part of the monthly communist parties organized by Revolutionaire Eenheid. We spread information about injustice, inequality and oppression. We try to unite different struggles and people to strengthen our collective power. Previously we learned about the failed revolution in Amsterdam 1918, and the social struggle in the Philippines. Check out our website for more information

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