The Corona crisis makes it crystal clear that capitalism doesn’t work at all for us. More than ever it’s clear that society is being held up by workers, like care workers, supermarket workers, truck drivers, cleaners and teachers. Jobs that all of a sudden are branded as “vital”, but who earn no more than a minimum wage, or have always been the favorite target of right-winged budget cuts.

Not only is capitalism incapable of dealing with this crisis effectively, in many aspects capitalism is making the crisis worse. From workers who need to keep working while in danger of infection, to the artificial shortages of life-saving supplies in the health care sector. And the means we need to fight this crisis have been hoarded by CEOs who don’t contribute anything to our survival.

Join the educational discussion to dive deeper into the backgrounds of these issues:

  • How did we get into this situation?
  • Why is there a shortage of medical supplies when there is so much wealth in this country?
  • How and why was the health care system cut in budget so much?
  • What does it mean that some jobs are vital and why are they getting paid so poorly?
  • How does capitalism work?

We don’t have definitive answers, but the goal of this ED is to understand the Corona crisis better with an anti-capitalist view. We hope to equip ourselves with the tools to fight this system better. We hope to have an interactive conversation with each other, to learn from each other’s perspectives. Bring your ideas, your questions, your answers, and your curiosity and share them with us!


We are looking forward to your participation! Registration is mandatory via

Thursday 16 April 2020, 19:30 NL time (UTC +2), ZOOM

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