Class is one of the key concepts in Marxism. The struggle between groups with different interests is even regarded to be the “motor” of world history. While Marxists an other progressives often use the term, we do not often take the time to reflect on the meaning of the word.

That is why Revolutionaire Eenheid will organize a presentation on class. We will talk about what classes are and why it is relevant to think about them.

Furthermore, we will reflect on the modern-day class structure of capitalist societies. How have they changed over the years? How do, for example, imperialism and precarious labor shape class structure in The Netherlands?

Lastly, there will be space for a collective discussion on how understanding class structures can help us in fighting oppression and exploitation in our daily lives.

We are looking forward to your participation! Registration is mandatory via

Monday 14 April 2020, 19:30 NL time (UTC +2), ZOOM

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