In the days leading up to the 50th anniversary of the National Democratic Front of the Philippines, we will highlight some of the many heroic martyrs of the Filipino people in this series of PAGDAKILA. These activists and revolutionaries have given the highest sacrifice to serve the national democratic people’s movement in achieving national and social liberation. As a solidarity organization to the Filipino people in struggle, we honor these heroes and engulf ourselves with their great revolutionary spirit as we continue to support and join their struggle for liberation.

Ka Parts devoted his entire life and artistic talent to the Filipino people and their struggle against imperialism, feudalism and bureaucrat capitalism. His artworks reflect the Filipino people’s yearning for freedom from oppression, exploitation, hunger and for national and social liberation. His art pieces and signature style gave and continues to give life and color to many revolutionary publications, books, and other literature that motivate and endear the masses.

Although he was known as a revolutionary artist, Ka Parts was primarily a Red fighter and military cadre of the NPA and despite coming from petty bourgeoisie origin, Ka Parts’ heart belonged to the masses. “Beloved artist and devoted son of the People’s War, the enemy’s bullet can never erase you. It cannot delete the vision you’ve lived for. So dearly etched in our lives. Framed in our hearts, and in the veins and arteries of our struggle. You live, you will always live, Ka Parts.”

Long live all martyrs! Long live Parts Bagani! Artists, amplify the Philippine revolution!

Artwork and poem by: @alindanaw_1969