Education session Amsterdam: What is capitalism?

Revolutionaire Eenheid invites you to join us at De Verrekijker for a discussion on capitalism. Why capitalism? Because the capitalist system, both its economy and its politics, is still the main source of exploitation and oppression in the world. We experience it daily: more and more people are impoverished, social benefits are harder to get, countries are bombed, invaded and plundered for their natural resources and cheap labor. The multifold exploitation and oppression of the gender-, sexual-, abled- and nationally oppressed is also deeply embedded within the capitalist system. Think only of the fact that in the Netherlands half of the women (!) will be/have been (sexually) abused and that white supremacist violence is again rearing its ugly head in more fierce, explicit ways.

But there is a way to get out of this situation. Because the capitalist system relies on the exploitation and oppression of the majority of people, the people have the power to stop the system, to overthrow it and to replace it with their own system. Examples of the struggle between oppressor and oppressed can be seen everywhere: in the workplace, in the schools, in the household and in the cultural field. At our last meeting in Amsterdam, we gained an understanding of the revolutionary struggle in the Philippines. For this meeting, we want to focus on the Netherlands. How do we and the people experience capitalist oppression and exploitation? Who is the exploiter, and what is the role of the Dutch state under capitalism?


When: Tuesday 25 July 2017

Where: De Verrekijker, Vrije Universiteit campus, Amsterdam
18:30 – Walk-in and food
19:00 – Start of the discussion


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