Education session in Amsterdam: intro to Marxist philosophy

How should we look at the world and its inhabitants? Are there physical laws that guide and shape our reality, or can the mind trump over matter? Are nature and being stagnant and unchanging, or is life a constant process where things can suddenly change drastically?

Inscribed upon Karl Marx’s grave is his famous quote: “The philosophers have only interpreted the world, in various ways. The point, however, is to change it.”. This famous saying exemplifies the practical use of philosophy, which is why it remains one of the chief components of Marxist ideology today (besides political economy and scientific socialism).

Please join our collective discussion to learn about the ins and outs of basic Marxist Philosophy. Together we shall study the differences and contentions between materialism and idealism, and between dialectics and metaphysics. For all those interested in changing the world, philosophy can be an important guide for practical work in organizing for revolutionary change.

There will be food at 19:00, and the collective discussion will start at 19:30. Location is De Verrekijker. See the Facebook event here

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