In the days leading up to the 50th anniversary of the NDF, we will highlight some of the many great martyrs of the Filipino people in this series of PAGDAKILA. These activists and revolutionaries have given the highest sacrifice to serve the national democratic people’s movement in achieving national and social liberation. As a solidarity organization to the Filipino people in struggle, we honor these heroes and engulf ourselves with their great revolutionary spirit as we continue to support and join their struggle for liberation.

On December 16th, 2022, Jose Maria Sison or Joma passed away. Ka Joma was many things. He was the founding chairman of the Communist Party of the Philippines, he was a Filipino patriot and he was a revolutionary poet and fighter, with a deep love for his homeland, its people and its mangoes. As an organizer he was always fighting for the Filipino masses, truly embodying the phrase ‘serve the people’. As a writer and thinker he became the greatest teacher for the national democratic movement.

Throughout his revolutionary life he faced countless hardships. The fascist Philippine state and US imperialists never stopped their attempts to silence Joma, but Joma was never silenced. They tried to bribe him with all their influence and wealth, but Joma was never bribed. They tried to break him with imprisonment, torture and the forced exile, but Joma was never broken. As he faced thousands of obstacles and hundreds of hindrances, he always stood tall.

His example and spirit lives on. It lives in the working and peasant masses, always struggling for liberation. It lives in the militant youth and the red fighters, stirring up and spreading the flames of the people’s war for national freedom and democracy. It lives in the heroes of today and it lives in the heroes of tomorrow. So we say, although Joma passed away, he will live on forever.

Long live all martyrs! Long live Ka Joma! The Filipino people’s democratic revolution is invincible!