The highest sacrifice: from martyrs to political prisoners

These past weeks we gave special honor to the martyrs who have given the highest sacrifice for a just & lasting peace in the Philippines. As we honor these heroes, we continue to support their struggle for national and social liberation.

Yesterday we had a special commemoration for some of the many martyrs of the Philippine revolution and gave the highest salute to those who have been deprived of their liberty due to fighting for our collective freedom. Political prisoners in the Philippines are among those who have felt the full force of increased oppression under the fascist US-Marcos government.

Cultural work has always had a special place in the movement for its ability to propagandize and raise people’s consciousness. Thank you to all who exercised their creativity and showed their support by making and writing postcards to boost prisoner morale!

Let’s show these freedom fighters that international solidarity is alive and well around the world! Let us ensure that the contributions of those who have sacrificed their lives and liberty are not forgotten! Let us work together towards victory!

You can still drop in on April 19 in Moira from 1-5pm to join us in supporting political prisoners in the Philippines!