In the days leading up to the 50th anniversary of the National Democratic Front of the Philippines, we will highlight some of the many heroic martyrs of the Filipino people in this series of PAGDAKILA. These activists and revolutionaries have given the highest sacrifice to serve the national democratic people’s movement in achieving national and social liberation. As a solidarity organization to the Filipino people in struggle, we honor these heroes and engulf ourselves with their great revolutionary spirit as we continue to support and join their struggle for liberation.

Ka Oris died a hero’s death, murdered by the fascists while fighting for the cause of national and social liberation. To his last breath, Ka Oris was a true communist cadre and fighter. For more than five decades, he devoted his life wholly and unwaveringly to the cause of all the oppressed and exploited people.

He joined the NPA as a young man and played an important role in its growth through the 1970s and 80s, served as one of the strongest pillars of the Second Great Rectification Movement, and as a leading communist cadre.

Over the past years, he took risks to go around the archipelago to inspire and impart his knowledge of waging people’s war. He engaged journalists in discussions with the aim of reaching out to the public and clarifying the views of the revolutionary movement. Despite his public and organizational stature, Ka Oris remained a humble revolutionary who shunned the easy life and chose the difficult and arduous life of a Party cadre and guerrilla fighter.

“The most important for the old or the young is not if we die or live, but if we persevere. For our cause is just. The revolution belongs to the people. It is not for us old ones to claim that the revolution has advanced because of us. The revolution is advancing because it has basis to advance. The people want change.”

By taking away his life, the fascists succeeded only in immortalizing Ka Oris. He now lives forever in our hearts and minds as one of our heroes and icons.

Long live all martyrs! Long live Ka Oris! The revolution belongs to the people!

Artwork by: @Deadbalagtas